Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid

At the Royalty Institute we have been very deliberate in making our institute as affordable as possible. We do offer academic as well as athletic aid for eligible students. We also offer a great deal of tuition assistance programs for our students. Please see our tuition, fees and financial aid listed below.


Yearly - $6,000 (One time Payment)

Semester - $3,200 (two payments; January and July)

Monthly - $600 a month
*** FInancial Aid Available upon request


Application Fee - $100 (one time)

Enrollment Fee - $100 (one time)

Science Lab Fee - $50 (one time)

Transportation Fee - TBD (based on students individual needs)

*** Other fees may be assigned as the year progresses. Parents will receive ample warning before fees are introduced,

Financial Aid Programs

Referral Program - For every student that you refer to our institution, who ultimately ends up attending, you will receive a $200 per month reduction on your tuition for the entire time those students are enrolled. This tuition assistance may be applied to a maximum of two students.

Work Study - Our innovative class schedule allows for any child age 16 and over to obtain a work permit and be apart of work study program in order to assist with tuition payments. We work hand in hand with the student, their families and our community partners to place students in a work environment conducive to them being successful in the classroom.

Apprenticeship Training - A select group of students will be selected for our apprenticeship program in Barbering and Appliance Repair. They will receive a stipend from their mentor for tuition assistance based on work completed.

For More Info

For more information on any of these programs, or to set up a financial aid program, please email Cornell Wade ( Please place “Financial Aid (student Name)” in the subject line.