The Royalty Institute of Leadership and Innovation - Our Academics

A Computer Based, Individualized Curriculum through NFC Academy-

At Royalty we have partnered with NFC Academy to provide the best, accredited, academic plan possible. Our academics are based online in order to simulate the technological world in which we live. We couple our phenomenal NFC Academy curriculum with two paraprofessionals per grade to create a 7.5 to 1 student teacher ratio in the classroom. Our paraprofessionals are former teachers, college students, community members, etc. who volunteer their time and expertise to help our young men be successful. Lastly, after transcript analysis we provide every student with a “path to graduation” document so that you know exactly what you need to complete in order to receive your academic diploma and participate in the “Coming of Age” ceremony (our form of graduation). Students Academic requirements are based in the NCAA eligibility center standards and are fully accredited in the NCAA clearinghouse.

For more information on NFC Academy, including the opportunity to try a sample lesson at home, please visit the NFC Academy Website

Experiential Learning-

We believe that experiential learning, that is learning that takes place outside of the classroom. At Royalty we have experiential learning days every Friday, whether sponsored or non sponsored. These days are used to explore local museums, attend workshops and college visits and much more. It is imperative for students to be exposed to the world around them in order to understand their place in it. We take this responsibility very seriously and do everything possible for our students to be successful. (Sample Schedule at the bottom of the page)

Future Seminar-

College seminar isn’t something just for Seniors at Royalty. From the day our young men walk into our academy they are put in college seminar, where they are taught skills such as how to research a college, how to navigate a collegiate website, how to craft an email to personnel from a college and much more. The great part about this course is that it isn’t solely based on attending college, if a young man wants to go into a trade, we do the work of making contacts in whatever industry it is. We show our young men how to stay in the deal flow of their desired industries

Accessible from anywhere-

Our course work is deliberately computer based so that it can mirror the life of a true innovator. Our curriculum can be accessed anywhere with the use of our students mobile hot spot. We teach that education happens any and everywhere and more importantly, that excuses are simply tools of the incompetent.

A Sample Course Schedule (below)-

Our course schedule is deliberately condensed for maximum student attention to detail, focus and efficiency. Here we have seven 39 (one minute reserved for transition) minute class periods, along with a 19 minute “Recharge period”. Our recharge period is time for students to meet with teachers, coaches, etc. to be successful. The biggest part is that it is independent time that the young men must navigate in order to be most successful. We put our young men in control of their learning.

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